I have a very old Centos4 server which is running svnserve 1.1.4. Now I want to create a backup of this server because it has to be reinstalled.

I created a dump file but VisualSVN server or subversion (latest versions) won't read it, they give the error: int(4) can't be parsed.

I tried svn-sync but I got stuck on

svnsync: E170003: Server doesn't support the replay command svnsync: E210001: Unknown command 'replay'

What would be the best path of action here to upgrade that repository to the latest Subversion version so I can create a dump or backup from it?


There is no need to dump and load your repository, you can just save your whole SVN dir to tar.gz, something like:

tar -cvzf svnbackup.tar.gz /var/svn/repos

For that to work, you must offcourse know the location of your repositories. After you move to newer SVN version, just run the:

svnadmin upgrade /var/svn/repos

and that will take care of SVN version.

Offcourse, it's always a good practice to spin up VM with newer version and do a test before you erase old server.

  • I created a new repo on the old server and did a dump and load, then I copied the repo over to visualsvn and ran the upgrade, that seemed to work! – Roger Far Oct 19 '14 at 3:53

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