We used to work with windows network paths to connect to git, but starting to use team city we want to use SSH.

I'm having trouble testing a connection to a git repo on a server here at 192.168.X.XXX in the local network over SSH: This server has a secondary disk D: containing the Git central/bare repositories at


The ssh user has an Initial terminal shell directory of


This is set up as Fetch-Url in team-city:


We installed bitvise WinSSHD as the ssh server, and I'm able to connect to it using putty, and I can browse that folder ,the git repo IS a bare repository, yet I'm getting the error

List remote refs failed: org.eclipse.jgit.errors.NoRemoteRepositoryException: ssh://ourgitusername@192.168.X.XXX/MyProjectName.git: fatal: ''/MyProjectName.git'' does not appear to be a git repository

I tried changing the home directory, and Have tried about 10 different styles of writing that path, it still won't work...!


Have you tried using '\' instead of '/' after the IP?

  • Yes, that doesn't work either – Mvision Oct 21 '14 at 7:20

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