My postfix install is set up to forward all email going to example.com to my other mail server at mail.example.net. This works fine for all addresses except !@example.com -- the example.com server spits out Illegal address syntax from in the logs and501 5.1.3 Bad recipient address syntax to the client,

How can I tell postfix to forward !@example.com as well? Wikipedia says that ! is valid for the local part.

My configuration is as follows:


alias_database = hash:/etc/aliases
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases
append_dot_mydomain = no
biff = no
config_directory = /etc/postfix
inet_interfaces = all
mailbox_size_limit = 0
mydestination = mail.example.com, localhost
relay_domains = example.com
myhostname = mail.example.com
mynetworks = [::ffff:]/104 [::1]/128
myorigin = /etc/mailname
readme_directory = no
recipient_delimiter = +
relayhost =
smtp_header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/smtp_header_checks
smtp_tls_fingerprint_digest = sha1
smtp_tls_policy_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/tls_policy
smtp_tls_session_cache_database = btree:${data_directory}/smtp_scache
smtpd_banner = $myhostname ESMTP $mail_name (Debian/GNU)
smtpd_tls_cert_file = /etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem
smtpd_tls_key_file = /etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key
smtpd_tls_session_cache_database = btree:${data_directory}/smtpd_scache
smtpd_use_tls = yes
transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport


mailer-daemon: postmaster
postmaster: root
nobody: root
hostmaster: root
usenet: root
news: root
webmaster: root
www: root
ftp: root
abuse: root
noc: root
security: root


/^Received: (from|by) mail\.example\.net/ IGNORE
/^Message-ID:\s+<(.*?)@mail.example.net>/ REPLACE Message-ID: <$1@mail.example.com>


mail.example.net fingerprint


example.com smtp:mail.example.net
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    Why do you want to do this? Oct 21 '14 at 0:28
  • Stylistic reasons, it fit in well with the domain name Oct 21 '14 at 15:51

Big Warning

Generally including special character like ! or % in the local part of an address is usually a bad idea. Exclamation mark a.k.a ! is a site separator in ancient UUCP addresses. For the safety, you should limit local part of email address to common characters such as [A-Z][a-z][0-9]-.+. It will preserve compatibility across other mailserver in this planet.

However if you insist to use the bang ! to alias, then you may change this parameter value in main.cf

swap_bangpath = no

References: here and here

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