I have a really strange problem with supervisor and gunicorn. I read supervisor documentation, all the relevant blog posts, stackexchange questions but none of them solve my strange problem, and I don't even know where to look further.

My supervisor configuration:

user = regularuser
directory = /path/to/djangoapp
command =
        --log-file -
        --log-level debug
        --name arlista
        --workers 9
        --pythonpath /path/to/necessary/library/source/Python
stdout_logfile = /path/to/logfolder/djangoapp.log
autorestart = true
redirect_stderr = true
environment =
        # a couple more environment variables here for Django

Everything seems to work fine. It can connect to the database, I can see the djangoapp.log, the myapp.settings.production file's pyc is generated so settings are loaded. DJANGO_MEDIA_ROOT works fine, because images are served from that folder (and if I remove that setting, Django don't even start).

HOWEVER there are pages, when encrypted images got decrypted on the fly (that's why GPG_PASSHPRASE is necessary) and those give me blank images (images with zero length, so Django works, but the decryption does not). The decryption is made by /usr/bin/gpg. The function which handles the decryption is in a package in /path/to/necessary/library/source/Python. regularuser can read packages from that folder.

If I run the process with upstart, passing in the same environment variables with env stanza or even reading them from file, everything is fine, images got decrypted, but not with supervisor.

I tried environment variables with single quote, no quote, pass PYTHONPATH to gunicorn --pythonpath or the environment option, and have still no luck. What can I do? Can it be a problem that GPG_PASSHPRASE contains a comma? (I can't change that.) What else? I really run out of ideas.

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    What version of supervisor are you using ? I have 3.0b2 and a made a little test where I can successfully set an env variable with a comma in it – Ponytech Oct 28 '14 at 13:08
  • 3.1.2, so that can't be a problem hopefully :) – kissgyorgy Nov 1 '14 at 0:17

I probably can't help, but I'l throw out some possibilities (which might be totally wrong)

  • No whitespace before last line of command ("djangoapp..."). Possible that some step in your buildchain is concatenating this with the previous --pythonpath flag, and both are being ignored.
  • Comma in passcode (doubtful) -- Have you tried just changing the passcode? Or escaping the comma?
  • Hmm, that's interesting. There were tabulator characters in the file and no other whitespace between the environment lines. I converted every tab to space and everything seems to be working fine! Thanks! – kissgyorgy Nov 1 '14 at 0:29
  • maybe not, because I rewrote tabs and working fine... – kissgyorgy Nov 1 '14 at 0:42

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