I'm reasonably new to SQL Server Reporting Services and Report Manager, and completely new to SSRS's Subscriptions. We're running SSRS 2008.

Out of the box it seems that a user with the Browser role can create a Subscription to a report and schedule it to run at any time they choose.

As an admin I have setup a schedule called "Overnight reports" and have it run every night from 1am.

I would like it so that when a regular user creates their Subscription they can only use one of my shared schedules so that their subscription will only run overnight.

Is this possible?




No SSRS does not support this level of granularity with its security model.

I entered this connect feature request awhile back, please upvote it if you think it would be useful:



You can create the report so it generates from a snapshot - under execution options "Render this report from a report execution snapshot"

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