I installed a RedHat out of an installation cd, registered my entitlements, all that stuff.

As part of my subscriptions I have both Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop. (plus a tons other)

My problem is currently the product installed is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

Is there a way to change it to a RHEL Workstation without reinstalling everything?

  • I think this is a related discussion – Manu H Oct 29 '14 at 17:04

Have you tried changing the channel via subscription-manager?

What is the output of sudo subscription-manager list --consumed

Either way, you won't need a reinstallation.

From a licensing perspective, the answer depends on the hardware you've installed onto...

Think of it like this: RHEL Desktop (aka Client) is meant for single-socket computers. Workstation is intended for more powerful workstations (dual-socket).

All distributions (Client/Workstation/Server) use the same kernel and obviously the same installation media. The main difference is the default set of installed packages. You're free to install whatever you want in terms of packages, but in order to be "supported", your hardware should fit within the bounds set in the chart below:

enter image description here

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