When I upload files with UFT-8 file name through IIS on my Windows Server file names are ruined. (They are changed as if they are encoded in ASCII and therefore they are no more accessible). I Wonder if there is any work around for this problem. I should also mention that my Windows Server doesn't have any issue with UTF-8 file names and I can create them through RDP or FTP. The problem only occurs when uploading through IIS.

OS: Windows Server 2008 SP1
Web Server: IIS 7.5
Uploading by PHP script executed through fastcgi

  • You need to examine your PHP script and make sure it handles UTF-8 filenames correctly. – Tero Kilkanen Oct 25 '14 at 10:12
  • It's a good idea; but may I ask which part of the PHP configuration may cause the issue? Woul you mind suggesting anything? – omidrezav Oct 25 '14 at 13:57

Not sure, but you may face a confirmed problem when using FastCGI module with a URL containing UTF-8 characters.

The FastCGI module in IIS 7.5 uses ASCII encoding.

Microsoft has published a Hotfix for this :


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