Is there any way to make Microsoft DHCP server to securely dynamically update A and PTR records in Unix Bind DNS zone?

Microsoft supports secure update using username/password authentication. Bind9 support secure update using keys. But I couldn't find the way to make Microsoft DHCP to use key as it can be done with dhcpd.


No, not securely.

You might be able to have a single Microsoft DNS server and then do some kind of zone transfer between that and BIND?

These links may or may not help in that regard:

  • It's possible to do with GSS-TSIG (Kerberos). – Vinícius Ferrão Oct 28 '14 at 4:07
  • Thanks briantist, I've decided to move DNS zone to Microsoft DNS server and it solved my problem. – Roman_T Oct 30 '14 at 15:21

I spent some time trying to achieve something similar. In the "allow-update" statement, BIND recognizes two "Microsoft" update sources: ms-self and ms-subdomain.

My task was a temporary solution so I went with vanilla TSIG keys, but if you can get GSS-TSIG working with AD here are some useful links:



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