DC Win2012, Client XP

I have a couple of problems getting GPOs applied - well, they show up as getting applied (gpresult) but the software i tried to deploy didnt got deployed. I enabled userenv-logging by adding REG_DWORD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\UserEnvDebugLevel 0x10002 and got the following error:

Local GPO's gpt.ini is not accessible, assuming default state.

OK, googled that and finally found out that the folder %systemroot%\system32\GroupPolicy didnt exist. (How could this happen?)

So i just created that folder, but now i get the following error:

GPO Richtlinien der lokalen Gruppe (en: Local Group Policy?) doesn't contain any data since the version number is 0. It will be skipped.

-.- What has happened and how can i fix this? What could stop Windows from just creating the missing structure? What are the effective ntfs-rights needed on that folder?


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