Inside a corporate situation, the machines are largely controlled using Microsoft technology.

I have another server on the same network that is running Ubuntu 14.04 headless. No GUI.

I want to write a script inside the Ubuntu headless so that it can access the Windows shared drive.

I also have the username and password of a valid Windows user who can access the shared drive.

This set of credentials has been approved to be used exclusively for this Ubuntu machine.

I believe I should use smbclient to do that.

My two questions are:

  1. what are the commands to access a shared drive?
  2. how do I reset the password of the Windows user since there is a company policy of changing the password every 3 months?

Thank you.

  1. The mount command. man mount.cifs is the easiest, the share will become part of the Linux file system. The alternative is smbclient a FTP like interface.
  2. Most password policies have an exception for service accounts allowing for passwords that don't expire.
  • Sadly, the company that contracted me is one of those large byzantine organizations. I am dealing with the in-house IT team which is servicing my client from another country. They insist out of policy that my server needs to be assigned a user account. My contact person is getting an additional user account just for this reason. Hence my contact person will have 2 user accounts for himself. Weird I know. – Kim Stacks Nov 6 '14 at 13:52

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