So I have a domain hosting two lovely applications thus...


And two physical boxes serving them up



I'd like to know if it is possible to route these two applications based on their paths.

The apps both have a servlet/endpoint for checking availability


http://box2.lan:80/firstapp/ok    -- returns 200 OK if app is running

I'd like the NetScaler to only send traffic for a given path to a physical server if the endpoint is okay.

Is this possible? What are the terms I should be looking for in the documentation?


Yes. NetScaler can do that.

You will have to create a "Content Switching Virtual Server" (CSVS). This will be the traffic cop directing traffic either to the left or the right.

Next stop for the traffic will be a "Load Balancing Virtual Server" (LBVS). This will accept traffic from the CSVS and direct it to the backend servers.

Backend health
Only good backend servers will receive the traffic. This is decided by one or more "monitors". (Starting with a simple ping monitor to more advanced PERL scripts that actually log in to the backend. Default is ping.) If none of the backend servers are up, then you can deliver a "Sorry!" HTML-page from the server. (But I don't know if this will be satisfactory in your case.)


  1. See this blog article for how to set up basic content switching: (still for firmware version 9, but the same ideas apply) http://pe-kay.blogspot.de/2011/08/configuring-content-switching-in.html

  2. Citrix documentation about basic content switching: http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/netscaler-content-switching-93/ns-cs-basicconfig-policies-tsk.html

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