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I have static IPs on many of my Windows computers in our Windows 2008 domain. In the network settings at each, I have an a static IP and subnet. The default Gateway is set to our Sonicwall.

Question: Under DNS servers, do I just list the Server IP? I've found this works fine on XP through Win7, but Win8 needs an alternate DNS to get to the Internet. (using Do I need to list the Server IP at all?

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All computers that are members of an Active Directory domain should only have DNS servers running on Domain Controller (DC) computers specified (unless you really know why you're doing otherwise).

The DNS Client in Windows 8 doesn't operate appreciably differently than in recent prior versions of Windows. I'd spend some time investigating (with Wireshark, or some such) what queries are coming from the Windows 8 clients to your DNS server, and what the responses back look like. Spend some time with the nslookup command, too, just for starts to see what responses for queries to Internet names look like there.

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