I have to build openldap from source as the one provided in repo is a bit old.

I downloaded openldap version 2.4.40. I want it to use cyrus sasl

To install cyrus sasl, I did "sudo apt-get install sasl2-dev"

Now openldap is not able to find cyrus sasl. I get the following error: checking sasl/sasl.h...no
checking for sasl/sasl.h presence...no
checking sasl.h usability...no
checking sasl.h presence...no
configure: error: Could not locate cyrus sasl

  1. Did I install cyrus sasl the correct way?

  2. I believe I need openldap to point to sasl libraries, but I do not know where they are located. Please help

  3. I tried building cyrus sasl too. Downloaded version 2.1.26, but I get the following error: fatal error: des.h: No such file or directory. What do I need to fix this? The cyrus team has asked me to contact ubuntu team to figure this out.

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I believe you installed the wrong package, or at least not the only one you need. Try: sudo apt-get install libsasl2-dev

As for "des.h", I have two, and they were installed with the packages:

  • libssl-dev: /usr/include/openssl/des.h
  • libcrypto++-dev: /usr/include/crypto++/des.h

From: find /usr/include -name des.h | xargs dpkg -S

  • For those who come across this later, I also found libsasl2-dev was the right package when building Apache ORC.
    – Tom
    Nov 28, 2018 at 17:49

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