Here's my requirement for redirecting in Nginx -

Redirect Example
1. www.example.com/gaming.html -> www.example.com/gaming-zone.html

No Redirect example (when params are present, dont redirect)
2. www.example.com/gaming.html?name=foo -> www.example.com/gaming.html?name=foo 

I have a very simple redirect setup up -

rewrite ^/gaming.html$ /gaming-zone.html redirect;

which satisfies example 1 but redirects example 2 as well. Can someone please share how to fix the rule so that URLs containing params are not redirected?

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It does not seem you tried to at least try to get information....

According to the nginx http core module documentation. You can use either $is_args or $args or $arg_name.

Hence you can simply use the following line:

if($is_args = ""){
    rewrite ^/gaming.html$ /gaming-zone.html redirect;

Since you want the second url not to change, there is no need to do anything with that url.


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