Scenario Description:

In my workplace we have a DomainController and use TerminalServices. There are different types of servers running on the DC (e.g. webapi , app). The dev guys developing the API want to access a folder (i.e. app\images) through a URL directing to webapi. So I thought I could achieve this with symlinks.

I created a symlink at \\DC\webserver\symed_images pointing to target \\DC\appserver\images

the full-path of webapi in DC is D:\webserver

the full-path of the app in the DC is D:\ProgramFiles\app

Moreover, both D:\ProgramFiles\app & D:\webserver are shared folder on the network.

I created the symlinks logged in as an admin in the DC. Thinking that it would be easier, I used the Link Shell Extension tool.

The problem

After creating the symlinks they work fine if one is logged in with admin rights to the DC. However if someone tries to access the symlink from the terminal services by navigating to the network share DC\webserver\symed_images, the user gets an error. Also, an error occurs if the web-browser is used.

The question

How do you make available a URL of a folder which is linked withing another folder via symlink, and make sure that all the users have access to that folder?

Some stuff to consider

Here I will write a couple of stuff which might be important to consider if you provide an answer: share permissions, security permissions of the shared folder, symlink creation, DFS namespaces.

Solution Update 1:

OK, after reading the suggested links and doing a little bit of research online it worked for me after creating a junction.

I used the following command: mklink /J "D:\webserver\symed_images" "D:\ProgramFiles\app\images"

Note that the directory which will act as junction (symed_images) in this case, should not be exist previously. It will be created automatically once the command is executed.

Questions after Edit

Now the junction works fine for those who try to access it via Windows Explorer, but when a web-browser is used, the webserver returns: Server Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

What could be the problem in this case? How to make this link accessible via webbrowser?

Which security and sharing properties apply to the junction "D:\webserver\symed_images? The properties of the folder within which it is located D:\webserver? or the properties of the folder to which it targets D:\ProgramFiles\app\images ?

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