I would like to understand the load split in haproxy weighted method. For example

server serverA site1.example.com weight 45 check 
server serverB site2.example.com weight 45 check 
server serverc site3.example.com weight 10 check 

I understand that the above example splits 45-45-10 out of 100 requests. My question is, the split will work only if the traffic has 100 or above concurrent requests, or if the server get 10 requests, the first 4 requests to serverA and next 4 requests to serverB and finally the 2 requests to serverC.

I have searched google for this question, still finding nothing.

Please advise.


The algo will split or calculate based on every new connection, however serverA will always get the first connection... It also depends on one of the following two options: balance leastconn balance roundrobin And it also assumes you are not using any persistence/sticky methods. Best way to understand it is to test it yourself (although it can be hard to test with short lived connections like HTTP.)

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