Assume UserA is allowed to log in by SSH to a server from public networks as well as from within private ones.

Is there any option to restrict password-enabled logins to the private networks while enforcing public key authentication for the rest of the world?

What I have so far in my config

AllowUsers root@ root@ usera

How can I enable usera to log in from usera@10.0.0/24 by public key or password, and enforce pubic key login for usera from any other network?

Does something imilar to the following work? What is the exact notation syntax?

# no password login from the public
PasswordAuthentication no
ChallengeResponseAuthentication no

# allow password login from private network
Match Users usera@10.0.0/24 root@10.0.0/24
   PasswordAuthentication yes

Thanks for any enlightenment.

PS: Reason for this setup is to enable password-login from within the internal network as a measure of last resort if anything else fails.

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Your configuration is close. I think what you want is

PubkeyAuthentication yes
PasswordAuthentication yes

AuthenticationMethods publickey

Match Address
AuthenticationMethods publickey password

You can find the details in man sshd_config.

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