is there somewhere a list of all the supported CPUs for System x server? I own the configuration system x3755 8877-4RG. Original 8218 Opterons (dual-core) are installed. Can these CPUs be replaced by e.g. some quad core opterons 83xx? many thanks in advance

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Most people would look up the vendor documentation and find something like the supported hardware:

AMD dual-core 8000 Series Opteron processors

not quad core and

Microprocessor Upgrades:

 Dual Core Opteron** Processor Model 8212                     40K1200  
 Dual Core Opteron** Processor Model 8214                     40K1201  
 Dual Core Opteron** Processor Model 8218                     40K1202  
 Dual Core Opteron** Processor Model 8220  SE                 40K1203

But with a system that hasn't been sold as new for the past 7 years you probably don't care about vendor support anymore.

Then a quick look at the CPU specs show that despite using the same CPU socket the 8200 series run at a higher CPU voltage than the 8300 series and my assumption is that it is unlikely that the server motherboard will automatically adjust for that...

When your system is already 7 years old, why invest in it? With new hardware you can get 32 cores in a dual CPU system, supporting more memory and lower power consumption.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. It's just a hobby, and although I have also searched the documentation I have not found. Unfortunately, I did not know that there is such a general documentation. Thanks again – user256661 Dec 2 '14 at 7:27

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