I want to delete VPC through CLI. But get an error:

A client error (DependencyViolation) occurred when calling the DeleteVpc operation: The vpc 'vpc-xxx' has dependencies and cannot be deleted.

How can I list all dependencies that prevent me from deleting this VPC?


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here's what finally worked for me, using the AWS CLI. I'm aware there are other dependencies besides subnets, but this is a start:

jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 describe-subnets
    "Subnets": [
            "VpcId": "vpc-9a5c2bfe", 
            "CidrBlock": "", 
            "MapPublicIpOnLaunch": false, 
            "DefaultForAz": false, 
            "State": "available", 
            "AvailabilityZone": "us-east-1c", 
            "SubnetId": "subnet-10923666", 
            "AvailableIpAddressCount": 123
jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 delete-subnet --subnet-id=subnet-10923666
jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 delete-vpc --vpc-id=vpc-9a5c2bfe

OK, so that didn't work on all of mine. here's another one:

jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 describe-internet-gateways
    "InternetGateways": [
            "Tags": [], 
            "InternetGatewayId": "igw-37e81153", 
            "Attachments": [
                    "State": "available", 
                    "VpcId": "vpc-e2087c86"
jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 detach-internet-gateway --internet-gateway-id=igw-37e81153 --vpc-id=vpc-e2087c86
jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 delete-internet-gateway --internet-gateway-id=igw-37e81153
jcomeau@aspire:~$ aws ec2 delete-vpc --vpc-id=vpc-e2087c86

I just found this script: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/troubleshoot-dependency-error-delete-vpc/

aws ec2 describe-internet-gateways --filters 'Name=attachment.vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep InternetGatewayId
aws ec2 describe-subnets --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep SubnetId
aws ec2 describe-route-tables --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep RouteTableId
aws ec2 describe-network-acls --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep NetworkAclId
aws ec2 describe-vpc-peering-connections --filters 'Name=requester-vpc-info.vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep VpcPeeringConnectionId
aws ec2 describe-vpc-endpoints --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep VpcEndpointId
aws ec2 describe-nat-gateways --filter 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep NatGatewayId
aws ec2 describe-security-groups --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep GroupId
aws ec2 describe-instances --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep InstanceId
aws ec2 describe-vpn-connections --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep VpnConnectionId
aws ec2 describe-vpn-gateways --filters 'Name=attachment.vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep VpnGatewayId
aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc | grep NetworkInterfaceId

that helped me to find the issue. Maybe it will be useful.

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I believe there is no CLI function that will return what is causing the DependencyViolation error, so you have two choices:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and search for any component that is pointed to the VPC, it can be a Security Group, Subnet, Router Table, EC2, etc.;
  2. Get in touch with the AWS Support Team and check if they can identify the reason for you.

Here is an AWS article that lists all items that must be deleted before deleting the VPC.



In principle this one works if it is re-run several times ... with some 5s between the runs ... Yet I am sure that it has some bugs ... so feel free to edit / suggest additional functionalities ...

 # probably a buggy one but just to get you start with something
 # ensure your default output is json + you have default region ... 
 aws ec2 describe-internet-gateways --filters 'Name=attachment.vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id \
       | jq -r ".InternetGateways[].InternetGatewayId"
    # terminate all vpc instances
    while read -r instance_id ; do
       aws ec2 terminate-instances --instance-ids $instance_id
    done < <(aws ec2 describe-instances --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id \
       | jq -r '.Reservations[].Instances[].InstanceId')

    while read -r sg ; do
       aws ec2 delete-security-group --group-id $sg
    done < <(aws ec2 describe-security-groups --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id \
       | jq -r '.SecurityGroups[].GroupId')

    while read -r rt_id ; do
       aws ec2 delete-route-table --route-table-id $rt_id ;
    done < <(aws ec2 describe-route-tables --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id | \
       jq -r .RouteTables[].RouteTableId)

    while read -r ig_id ; do
       aws ec2 detach-internet-gateway --internet-gateway-id $ig_id --vpc-id $vpc_id
    done < <(aws ec2 describe-internet-gateways --filters 'Name=attachment.vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id  \
       | jq -r ".InternetGateways[].InternetGatewayId")

    while read -r ig_id ; do
       aws ec2 delete-internet-gateway --internet-gateway-id $ig_id --vpc-id $vpc_id
    done < <(aws ec2 describe-internet-gateways --filters 'Name=attachment.vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id  \
       | jq -r ".InternetGateways[].InternetGatewayId")

    # delete all vpc subnets
    while read -r subnet_id ; do
       aws ec2 delete-subnet --subnet-id "$subnet_id"
    done < <(aws ec2 describe-subnets --filters 'Name=vpc-id,Values='$vpc_id | jq -r '.Subnets[].SubnetId')

    # delete the whole vpc
    aws ec2 delete-vpc --vpc-id=$vpc_id

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