In our office some of our employees use Outlook from Office 2010, while others use the Outlook Web App. In my team me and a colleague use the Web App and Outlook side-by-side for testing, while others only use Outlook. We have a mailbox called "serviceandsupport", it's not a shared mailbox but a normal user mailbox that everyone in my team can access, but only when using Outlook. We can add the mailbox in the Web App and it is shown below our own mailbox, but when we try to open it the Web App returns an error "can't complete your request" - "you might not have permission to perform this action". Weird thing is, when I open the mailbox in Outlook it doesn't give any errors.

What could cause such an error to appear only in the Web App and not in Outlook?

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    How was permission granted to your team to access the mailbox? The output of Get-MailboxPermission | fl would be helpful. – Evan Anderson Dec 2 '14 at 14:53

OWA may be disabled for the mailbox. Have a check in Exchange Management Console, Mailbox preperties, tab Mailbox Feature, check if Outlook Web App is enabled.

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