I've found myself in a pickle replacing an old firewall for a client this afternoon. I'm configuring their new IPCop firewall (1.4.21), Zerina OpenVPN addon is installed.

What I need to do: There are three network interfaces, currently set up as red (WAN), green (LAN, and orange (remote network The orange interface is a direct fiber link to another organization.

Simple description: Traffic and networks appear to be properly configured at this point, but I have many (150+) specific IPs on the LAN which, when accessing the resources on the 10.1.20.x network, need to be mangled to appear to be coming from the network (and return traffic properly delivered). The routing on the far side was configured earlier and should be fine, but I need to redirect any packets coming across destined for those IPs to end up at their proper destination.

The addressing is fixed and predictable (ie. -> I need to insert whatever rules I have into the IPCop ruleset through /etc/rc.local I know, I'm just not sure about how I should structure this. There's CUSTOMOUTPUT and CUSTOMINPUT targets, both which currently just consist of the single rule redirecting packets to the OVPNOUTPUT/OVPNINPUT targets, so I'm guessing I should insert a rule matching outbound packets destined for the 10.1.20.x network and redirecting to a new target (maybe called TO-ORANGE) and a rule at the top of CUSTOMINPUT which redirects to a FROM-ORANGE target. Under those targets, I would have rules which do the IP matching and mangling.

Am I approaching this right? If so, I'm not very familiar with mangle, and would appreciate seeing examples of how to write that source-IP rewrite. If not, how would you suggest doing this?


edit: I notice additionally that the nat table has CUSTOMPREROUTING and CUSTOMPOSTROUTING targets, I guess I could alternatively post the rules in there....

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This seems to tell me that all you need to do is add an extra masquerade rule to the CUSTOMPOSTROUTING chain.

iptables -t nat -A CUSTOMPOSTROUTING -o <dev-of-10-network> -j MASQUERADE

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