I have successfully established an IPsec Site-to-Site VPN tunnel between our On-Prem network (Gateway, Cisco RV220W) and Azure. However I am hitting a knowledge gap with regards to setting up the routing to allow me to actually send traffic between the two sites.

Here are the details:


Local Network:


Azure Local Network

Local Network:


Azure Virtual Network

Virtual Network:


Gateway: Subnet

I'm unable to route traffic between the two. Connection is stable and established. Azure tells me it has sent a few KB of data but I am stuck with 0 Bytes of data received. This is also confirmed with the IpSec Connection status monitor on the Cisco router.

I have looked and got as far as believe I need to set up a static route between the two subnets but I can't make the Cisco config out. The one I have set up looks a little like this:

  • RouteName: LocalToAzure
  • Active: Yes
  • Private: No
  • Destination IP Address:
  • IP Subnet Mask:
  • Interface: WAN(Internet)
  • Gatway IP Address: {On-Prem-Public-IP}
  • Metric: 2

This doesn't make sense to me as I initial throught I would need to set the Gateway IP as the Azure IP but Cisco won't let me as it needs to be in the subnet for my WAN. Any help?


I notice that you have mentioned that you've successfully established a site-to-site VPN, but you haven't listed its interface in your post - basically you want to alter your default gateway to the VPN gateway interface on the Cisco in your configuration as above (not your WAN IP).

  • I'm not sure how I define new interfaces. For other devices it seems to be relatively straight forward. youtu.be/-57vvLIROxk?t=3m59s – J_D Dec 9 '14 at 12:51
  • What I do see is the ability to create a VLAN and then set it to a IP range, but then the Static route gateway can only exist in that subnet... – J_D Dec 9 '14 at 12:54

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