I have an external disk that is connected to a LAN network.
I want to find the disk usage of a directory on the disk from a script. I looked at power shell and SysInternals tools but couldn't find any solution. Any ideas?


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Powershell makes it possible in the following way:

Size in MB

"Folder use {0:0,0.00} MB" -f (((Get-ChildItem -R C:\TEMP | measure-object length -Sum ).Sum / 1MB)

Size in GB

"Folder use {0:0,0.00} MB" -f (((Get-ChildItem -R C:\TEMP | measure-object length -Sum ).Sum / 1GB)

Maybe in TB

"Folder use {0:0,0.00} MB" -f (((Get-ChildItem -R C:\TEMP | measure-object length -Sum ).Sum / 1TB)
  • This works well, "Folder use 121.79 MB." You can also use 1KB in place of 1024.
    – Bratch
    Commented Sep 14, 2009 at 16:15

You could try any of the TreeSize type tools, for instance http://dev.carl-thomas.net/Utils/TreeSize/index.htm

  • Thanks for all the other posts. The answers where good but this one is exactly what I need. Commented Sep 15, 2009 at 7:00

There is also a Microsoft Tool called Diruse.

D:\Webmaster\cmd>diruse.exe C:\temp /M /*

Size (mb)  Files  Directory
   501.75    138  SUB-TOTAL: C:\TEMP\Garbadge
   501.75    138  TOTAL: C:\TEMP\Garbadge

You can find more about diruse here


Cygwin's du will do the trick as well.

$ /bin/du 'C:\WINDOWS\system32' | sort -rn | head -20
1104392 C:\WINDOWS\system32
194127  C:\WINDOWS\system32/dllcache
61675   C:\WINDOWS\system32/spool
61284   C:\WINDOWS\system32/config
57336   C:\WINDOWS\system32/ReinstallBackups
54572   C:\WINDOWS\system32/ReinstallBackups/0020/DriverFiles
54572   C:\WINDOWS\system32/ReinstallBackups/0020
51952   C:\WINDOWS\system32/mui
51590   C:\WINDOWS\system32/wbem
48765   C:\WINDOWS\system32/spool/drivers
48573   C:\WINDOWS\system32/spool/drivers/w32x86
43233   C:\WINDOWS\system32/spool/drivers/w32x86/3
33102   C:\WINDOWS\system32/drivers
21610   C:\WINDOWS\system32/wbem/Repository
21609   C:\WINDOWS\system32/wbem/Repository/FS
12030   C:\WINDOWS\system32/spool/XPSEP
10244   C:\WINDOWS\system32/wbem/AutoRecover
9890    C:\WINDOWS\system32/CatRoot
9889    C:\WINDOWS\system32/CatRoot/{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}
9770    C:\WINDOWS\system32/CatRoot2

There you go: the twenty largest directory sizes (in K).

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