my Postfix-Mail Server is delivering two main types of mails

  1. Mail recieved from php-cgi (sendmail), localhost relay
  2. Mail recieved from authenticated SASL SMTP Users

Is it possible to define a different IP for each type?

Reason: Prevent that normal Mail can't send mail because of a hacked Web-Site.

My Setup: Postfix & Apache With PHP5-CGI


Postfix multi instance is a postfix feature that you are looking for. You need two instance.

  1. First instance was null client instance. It will act as system to handle email from PHP apps. Configuration of this instance looks like the describe in this documentation except you must add this parameter

    smtp_bind_address = my.first.ip.address
  2. Second instance was intended to handle email from mail client. In this instance you must add this parameter too

    smtp_bind_address = my.second.ip.address      

Parameter smtp_bind_address was numerical network address that the Postfix SMTP client should bind to when making an IPv4 connection.

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