I'm using Squid 3.4.8 as a reverse proxy which is forwarding request to a specific server. The communication between Squid and the server is in HTTPS.

The certificate used by the server is self-signed, meaning that I created a CA certificate with which I signed the server certificate.

I would like to properly verify the server certificate by using my CA certificate (instead of setting sslproxy_flags to DONT_VERIFY_PEER, which is not safe). How can I configure Squid to do that?

I suppose I have to set sslproxy_flags to NO_DEFAULT_CA and then use some particular acl to allow all SSL certificates issued by my CA, but after reading the documentation I'm a bit confused.



I found a workaround for this problem. Instead of configuring Squid I added the CA certificate to the list of trusted CA certificates system-wide.

I followed the instructions here http://gagravarr.org/writing/openssl-certs/others.shtml

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