I'm working on configuring a group of 40 servers to be managed by SaltStack. I'm testing with just one minion at the moment, which I have successfully added to the master. For simplicity, I'm using the latest version of salt and salt-minion from the Ubuntu 14.04.1 package repository on the respective machines.

I have what appears to be a sane configuration and directory structure, however whenever I try running salt '*' state.highstate, I get an error that the top file does not match the nodes. If I try manually running a state file with salt '*' state.sls worker.users, it errors that no such file exists. Directory structure and files are below.

Any idea why this is not working?

root@salt-master:/srv/salt# tree /srv/salt
├── worker
│   └── users.sls
└── top.sls

1 directory, 4 files

root@master:/srv/salt# salt '*' state.highstate
    State: - no
    Name:      states
    Function:  None
        Result:    False
        Comment:   No Top file or external nodes data matches found

Succeeded: 0
Failed:    1
Total:     1

The contents of the relevant files:

root@master:/srv/salt# cat top.sls
    - worker.users
root@master:/srv/salt# cat worker/users.sls
        - fullname: Service Account
        - shell: /bin/bash
        - home: /home/worker

        - fullname: Search Admin Account
        - shell: /bin/bash
        - home: /home/admin

File root is defined as follows in the master and I've restarted all the machines:

    - /srv/salt
  • What's in top.sls, it seems like you gave two different outputs: ` base: '*': - search ` – c4urself Dec 14 '14 at 23:24
  • My bad. I had changed some of the names for simplicity. I've updated the question. – David Adrian Dec 15 '14 at 0:23
  • Can you run: (on master) salt-run manage.up salt '*' test.ping – c4urself Dec 15 '14 at 0:35
  • Yes, and my one node responds in both. – David Adrian Dec 15 '14 at 2:20
  • have you restarted salt-master and tried to run it in debug mode salt-master -l debug – Mike Dec 15 '14 at 3:26

In general, when debugging state.highstate you should try:

salt (from master)
salt-call (from minion)

Minion is reachable

Versions match (recommended)

  • Make sure the version of the minion/master packages match. On Ubuntu for example (dpkg -l salt-minion on the minion and dpkg -l salt-master on the master).

Minion is in correct state

  • Clear the cache on the minion completely rm -rm /var/cache/salt/minion/files/base/*
  • Check to make sure the minion has the right grains salt-call grains.items

Check logs

  • salt-call -l debug state.highstate -- Check to see if you can catch more information about the error using "debug" mode
  • Check /var/log/salt/minion.
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