I created a file with diff files diff-files.txt it has 6000+ file paths in it. Now I want want to create a zip based on those files.

I know I can zip multiple files with:

zip diffedfiles.zip file1 folder1 -r

But that won't work with 6000+ files. Is there a way to zip it based on the content of diff-files.txt?

zip diffedfiles.zip {diff-files.txt} -r

Something like this?

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On Linux you can use the -@ option:

-@ file lists. If a file list is specified as -@ [Not on MacOS], zip takes the list of input files from standard input instead of from the command line. For example,

          zip -@ foo

will store the files listed one per line on stdin in foo.zip.

So in your case you should be able to do:

cat diff-files.txt | zip -@ diffedfiles.zip

Got it:

zip diffedfiles.zip $(cat diff-files.txt) -r
  • This will hit bash's max args thing if you have a really long list of files.
    – mlissner
    May 24, 2019 at 23:55

There are two methods that work on all platforms:


zip output.zip -r . -i@filelist.txt


zip -@ - < filelist.txt > output.zip

These methods are not affected by command-line length limits.

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