What's the difference/dependency between autofs and systemd automount and declarations in /etc/auto.master versus /usr/lib/systemd/system/*.automount in CentOS 7 ?

Do they do exactly the same? If not what are the differences?
Do they depend on each other or are they completely unrelated?

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It helped me:


Forget about /etc/fstab and autofs. There's a new Linux system around. Systemd manages mounting and automounting of file systems differently.

Systemd handles mounting and automounting of file systems in a new way for Linux admins. If you're used to /etc/fstab and autofs, it's time to learn anew.

Goodbye autofs, hello automount

Systemd controls automounting file systems in new Linux distributions as well. Automounting is the system that mounts a directory automatically as soon as it is accessed, a task previously accomplished by the autofs service.

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