I am running CentOS 5.11 with apache/2.2.3(named) server.

I am able to view my site homepage, so I can confirm php is running correct. However when trying to naviate to one if the pages like domain.com/wp_post1001(wordpress, mysql driven) I see the following message.

Not Found

The requested URL /wp_post1001 was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at domain.com Port 80

I see the following rows in my log file

nano /var/log/httpd/domain.com-error

[Mon Dec 22 16:24:11 2014] [error]  File does not exist:  /home/FTP/domain.com/www/wp_post1001
[Mon Dec 22 16:24:14 2014] [error]  File does not exist:  /home/FTP/domain.com/www/wp_post12
[Mon Dec 22 16:25:24 2014] [error]  File does not exist:  /home/FTP/domain.com/www/wp_post402
[Mon Dec 22 16:25:34 2014] [error]  File does not exist:  /home/FTP/domain.com/www/wp_post22

I have made sure my .htaccess file exists. I have added RewriteEngine on in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf at the highest level global block, and also within my domains block.

Fixed this by changing AllowOverride None to All

    <Directory />
            AllowOverride All
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AllowOverride is set to None by default, Must be changed to All

        <Directory />
                AllowOverride All

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