I've set up a Virtual Machine and I need to connect my domain .site.com to Windows Azure, I tried to do it with an A record using the provided IP, but the VIP address is not static, and after restarting my server the IP was changed and the site using my domain doesn't work.
If I use CNAME - I can't connect root domain .site.com. Now my site is working for www but without www it doesn't work.

How can I setup a static VIP or connect root domain in Linux Windows Azure server? Or maybe I can use some redirect or something else? I can't find a manual for this problem.


You can Reserve the IP address so that it won't change across reboots. It won't change even if you delete the VM and create it again (in the same xxx.cloudapp.net domain - here called cloud service)

For more check out also the Configuring custom Domain for Azure cloud service.


Another way you can use Instance Public IP, can be use this feature in new Azure portal to create a vm instance with "Resource Manager" mode.


If your machine isn't going to be running constantly, and you don't want to be charged for a static IP address, and are running the machine as an Azure Resource Management (v2) VM, you can create a cname pointing to name.location.cloudapp.azure.com

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