I wonder whether there is a way to configure a default backend in haproxy, so it balances requests among a pool of backend servers (three in the example below), keeping the default backend as a failover, only in case the three main backends are down.

It should be something like this:

  server backend-0 check
  server backend-1 check
  server backend-2 check
  server backend-default check

I have tried setting a weight 0 in the backend-default, but that completely removes the server from the balancing algorithm.


Kind of - it is called "backup":

server backend-default check inter 5000 rise 1 fall 3 backup

From the haproxy docs:

Since version 1.1.17, it is possible to specify backup servers. These servers are only sollicited when no other server is available. This may only be useful to serve a maintenance page, or define one active and one backup server (seldom used in TCP mode). To make a server a backup one, simply add the 'backup' option on its line. These servers also support cookies, so if a cookie is specified for a backup server, clients assigned to this server will stick to it even when the other ones come back. Conversely, if no cookie is assigned to such a server, the clients will get their cookies removed (empty cookie = removal), and will be balanced against other servers once they come back. Please note that there is no load-balancing among backup servers by default. If there are several backup servers, the second one will only be used when the first one dies, and so on. To force load-balancing between backup servers, specify the 'allbackups' option.

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