The title probably needs some work, sorry in advance.

My network is small and consists of a server with one NIC, a desktop computer and a few laptops. There's one wireless router (running OpenWrt) which each client is connected to.

I'm trying to get the connection between the server and the big bad internet bridged through a VPN, but still have local access to the server. I've tried summing up my requirements below:

enter image description here

Of course, this could easily be done if the server had two NICs and I added another router (set up OpenVPN on one of the routers). However, I'm stuck with one NIC. Is there a way to do this given the current setup? I'm looking to only get internet-bound traffic to go through the VPN.

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    If the server and the clients are on the same network/subnet as you vaguely described, then the clients should be able to access the server directly regardless of whatever VPN there is configured on the server or on the router. – Cha0s Jan 4 '15 at 14:40

Is there any reason you can't set up another vpn connection interface on your server, have traffic first go to the server and then use a type of ACL to say 'if traffic is for x, go through vpn, else go through standard internet. I think that should work. Otherwise you might be able to do a similar thing depending on the router/modem you're using.


You could create 2 networks in your setup. Network 1: (Server & its VPN connection). Network 2: (Clients). Add a network alias (IP) on your client for access to the server. Allow the two networks (192.168.0/192.168.1) to NAT through your router to the internet.

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