A while ago when I did a lot more system admining, there was a little utility that would send a command to multiple terminals that I had open. So essentially I could ssh into three different servers, then type tail -f /var/log/some_error.log into the utility and it would pass that command onto all three terminals I had open.

So essentially I typed the command once, and it was run on all three servers. Plus the terminals were fully accessible to me so if I wanted to run commands just on that one server, I would just use the terminal ssh'ed into that one server.

After a ton of searching online, I've yet to find this utility (it was simply available on the machines we had and I can't recall the name of this particular utility). So does anyone know of any utilities that do this?



I believe you are searching for clusterssh. Love it!

  • Brilliant, that's it exactly. – Silfheed Sep 17 '09 at 19:08

The little utility is called ClusTerm.

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