I have been trying out various wiki technologies to replace the twiki install we are currently running at my workplace (it's just getting too slow and having tried a number of plugins, I have failed to make it fast enough).

One that looks good is XWiki.

Are there any tools out there to support this migration?

Or is this more a scripting question for stackoverflow?

Examples of differences:


1 Heading 1   
1.1 Heading 2 
1.1.1 Heading 3 Heading 4 


---+ Heading 1
---++ Heading 2
---+++ Heading 3
---++++ Heading 4

I know XWiki is working on a Wiki Importer ("à la" Conluence UWC), the version 1.0 has been released, but I don't know what it includes. I'd suggest asking this question on XWiki's user list.

FYI, starting with XWiki Enterprise 1.7, XWiki provides other syntaxes in addition to XWiki's syntax: MediaWiki, Confluence, JSPWiki, Creole, TWiki and more. Actually, it's even possible to use TWiki's syntax as default. This might be interesting in your context (but doesn't solve the automated import issue).

  • Magic, I had no idea about the syntax configuration! I've tried it for a couple of simple pages and it doesn't work that well... but is certainly readable (headers are shown as text, but at least they are not strike-thru'd – Don Vince Sep 21 '09 at 19:27
  • If you are facing some glitches, report them, I'm sure the XWiki guys will fix them. jira.xwiki.org – Pascal Thivent Sep 21 '09 at 22:14

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