I'm trying to use quagga with RIP2 to route traffic through an openvpn server.

At the moment I'm having trouble because it's reporting the VPN subnet (172.19.2.x) as just a single IP ( I've clearly missed a step but I'm not finding anything obvious in the documentation to point out why this is happening.

My Draytek (2820) router reports it's routing table as:

Key: C - connected, S - static, R - RIP, * - default, ~ - private
*            via      WAN2
C    directly connected    WAN2
C~    directly connected    LAN 
R~  via     LAN  (2/88050)

The zebra.conf configuration on the VPN server ( is:

! -*- zebra -*-
hostname jupiter-zebra
password [removed]
enable password [removed]

! Tried adding this but didn't help
! ip route eth0
! ip route tun0

log file /var/log/quagga/zebra.log

The ripd.conf configuration on the VPN server is:

hostname jupiter-rip2
password [removed]

router rip
log file /var/log/quagga/ripd.log

Is there anything I've clearly missed to get my VPN server to report it's VPN subnet (172.19.2.x) instead of only it's VPN ip (

  • Okay the issue here is with OpenVPN. I'll be posting an answer once I've got everything sorted. – Philip Couling Jan 14 '15 at 18:45

I think you should allow ospf to redistribute kernel routes:

OSPF: how to advertise the subnet of an OpenVPN server?


router ospf ospf router-id redistribute connected redistribute kernel network area

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