I'm writing here because after 3 hours i'm still not able to install NexentaStorCE on my brand new server. The hardware configuration is: Supermicro x10drl-i Xeon E5 2609V3 16GB DDR4 Kingston

I'm trying to install from an external usb cd-rom. Unfortunately while booting the setup, just after the grub menu selection it stops with a wall of text of errors (and i'm unable to view the first lines)

How can we debug the situation? I haven't any log and i'm unable to scroll up the console output... Any ideas?wall of errors on first boot

Thanks in advance


Don't use NexentaStor for new installations in 2015. It's a dead product!!

You could post a support question on their forums (good luck), but the community user base was basically abandoned and there are simply better alternatives for a ZFS storage appliance. The main reason to consider this advice is hardware support. Linux and other actively-developed operating systems can keep up with hardware innovations a bit better than a closed platform like NexentaStor.

Look at:


Usb cdrom installation is not supported. You may use sata cdrom.

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