I have postfix installed on my machine. I also use the generic maps to overwrite the email address from ubuntu to admin@example.com:

    ubuntu     admin@example.com

With this generic mapping the email comes from "Ubuntu" <admin@example.com>. But I also want to overwrite the the From Name of the sender to Server1 such that I receive emails from: "Server1" <admin@example.com>.

How do I configure this in postfix?

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    I edited it to make it more clear. Better now? – Gabriel Petrovay Jan 14 '15 at 8:44

Usually the MTA uses the configuration that are in the system, so if your username 'ubuntu' does not have any full name setted, then all e-mails from him will came without a name, or perhaps the name that you've setted on 'ubuntu' login is just "Ubuntu" since you said that all e-mails are coming with "Ubuntu" <admin@example.com"

To fix that, try use this command as root, and then send e-mail again

# chfn -f "Server1" ubuntu

Hope it helps ;)


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