I have a problem that when I do build to my job, its cannot put my file on the server directory in console output i get the message "ERROR: Exception when publishing, exception message [Permission denied]"

i have the following log output:

SSH: Connecting from host [rp_ci]
SSH: Connecting with configuration [web-dev] ...
SSH: Creating session: username [ubuntu], hostname [xx.xx.xx.xxx], port [22]
SSH: Connecting session ...
SSH: Connected
SSH: Opening SFTP channel ...
SSH: SFTP channel open
SSH: Connecting SFTP channel ...
SSH: Connected
SSH: Remote root is not absolute, getting absolute directory from PWD
SSH: cd [/home/ubuntu]
SSH: cd [deploy/]
SSH: put [dev-xx-xx.tgz]
SSH: Disconnecting configuration [web-dev] ...
ERROR: Exception when publishing, exception message [Permission denied]
Build step 'Send build artifacts over SSH' changed build result to UNSTABLE
Finished: UNSTABLE

For the target server Im using ubuntu server on AWS EC2 using nginx.

Someone know how to fix that's issue? I not found any clue for it around the web. Thanks!

  • What happens if you run the script manually as the Jenkins user? Any reason you're not using SCP instead of SFTP? – TheFiddlerWins Jan 15 '15 at 14:42
  • it is work in all my other servers, while Im using SCP I prompt an error:" Host key verification failed." – Cuzi Jan 15 '15 at 15:00

Permission denied when put dev-xx-xx.tgz. So check the file's permission setup: /home/Ubuntu/deploy/dev-xx-xx.tgz

  • You need to elaborate some more on what the problem is in order to turn this into a good answer. – kasperd Oct 22 '15 at 18:11

After looking at the plugin source code, it appears that it defaults to using a relative path if no "Remote Directory" is set in your ssh server configuration.

Go to Manage Jenkins/Confgiure System and under the plugin settings for publish over ssh, set Remote Directory to "/"

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