I have two servers, both having different ips. I am using my custom name server

ns1.domain.com -> server 1 ip
ns2.domain.com -> server 1 ip

Now i had purchased a new vps having ip 43.XX.XX.XX, now i am tried creating another name servers

ns3.domain.com -> server 2 ip
ns4.domain.com -> server 2 ip

but since last 3 days it is not give desired ping result and my website not redirecting to my vps

So my question is it possible to create 2 set of child name servers for same domain for two diff ip and server?


If I get you right, your original setup used two different names for the same ip? While that is fine, it also looks like you attempt to use these diffent names (which refer to the same physical server) probably as only registered/authoritative name servers for a domain. - This would be bad if you really did that; and maybe your curretn action is intended to relieve that. NS entries of public DNS zones very strongly should be reachable via independent uplinks (and this is mostly understood as: have ip addresses from different class C networks).

Nonetheless, to answer your questions: You can have "arbitrarily many" NS entries in each DNS zone, and each host name may resolve to arbitrarily many ip addresses. However, the various name servers thus found authoritative for a zone should agree on the data they return. So, did you test the following (wherin I assume that the command ping 43.xx.xx.xx succeeds but ping ns3.domain.com does not):

  1. Issue

    host -t ns domain.com

    Are the names returned your two or four nsX.domain.com servers? Or are they name servers of your registrar/provider?

  2. For each name server nsX.whatever.com from step 1 issue

    host -t ns domain.com nsX.whatever.com

    Are the results identical?

  3. For each name server nsX.whatever.com from step 1 issue

    host -t A ns3.domain.com nsX.whatever.com

    Do they all return your new 43.xx.xx.xx ip?

  4. In case of differnig results in steps 2 or 3, issue

    host -t SOA domain.com nsX.whatever.com

    Do they all return the same info (especially, serial number)?

  5. Finally, also check the name server entries published in

    whois domain.com

I guess most of the possible problems you have should be detectable with the above steps.

  • Although i am not able to understand your answer completely, but there are two diff server that i am targeting, as 2 ns record are consider as good so i ahve ns1 and ns2. then what if i want to create 2 more ns records for a diff ip than ns1 and ns2, but not sure it is possible/ recommended or not – Om prks Jan 17 '15 at 14:22
  • @Omprks As I said (or tried to say), you can have as many NS records in your zone as you like. And each of the domain names you use (as NS entry or otherwise) can have many A (or nowadays AAAA) records associted to it. However, apart from "intrinsic" correctness (i.e,. all listed name servers are reachable and consider themselves authoritative for the zone) you should also verify proper delegation (i.e., do the name servers for the com zone list at least some of your name servers as NS entries for the domains they serve; and do they provide glue records if needed?) – Hagen von Eitzen Jan 17 '15 at 14:40
  • Could you perform at least some of the tests I suggested? OR are you willing to drop anonymization and say what domain.com (or even ultimately www.thesameorpossiblyanotherdomain.com) really is, so I could perform the tests for you? – Hagen von Eitzen Jan 17 '15 at 14:44
  • . . . i did whois check i did ping check but SOA and other things. But i really greatful to you for quick responses and help. – Om prks Jan 17 '15 at 14:58
  • Alternatively you can check my two ns records ns1.innctech.in and ns3.innctech.in both are pointing to diff ips and ns1 is working but ns3 is not – Om prks Jan 17 '15 at 14:58

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