The server is Proliant ML330 G6. I've activated the embeded SATA RAID in BIOS. Created 1 logical drive in "Option Rom Configuration for Arrays" in RAID 0+1 that consists of two 1TB drives. So in other words I have 1 TB storage because of RAID1. I tried to install ESXi 5.5.0 on that server, but when I get to the screen where I need to select where to install the ESXi I see those two drives. I can choose one of them.

Shouldn't I see only one RAID1 logical drive?


Sounds like you're using software assisted RAID (aka "FakeRAID") and don't have the proper (driver) support for it in ESXi.

Head to VMWare's site and use the VMWare Compatibility Guide to determine if your version of ESXi is compatible with your RAID controller.

Here's a similar question from ServerFault, in which the accepted answer notes tha thte RAID controller isn't supported:

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I think you may have the RAID setup wrong.

What you trying to do with Raid as 0+1 is a stripe and a mirror so minimum of four drives are needed, RAID 0 is striped and only requires two drives and RAID 1 is mirrored and only requires two drives.

If you try to set RAID 0+1 on two drives it has probably failed and so you can see each drive.

If RAID is setup correct you are right you will only see one drive during installation.

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  • I was thinking that too, unless that RAID controller allows for adding drives later – Keltari Jan 16 '15 at 14:40
  • Yeah bit odd, just go back in to the RAID controller and set it to Raid 1 (I'm guessing you want mirroring). Then try again. – CharlesH Jan 16 '15 at 14:50
  • Should I then forget about RAID and just remove one of the hard drives and install ESXi on a single drive – funroom Jan 16 '15 at 14:50
  • I would try to set to RAID 1 there will be an option for it somewhere might have to dig about. Depends on what the setup is really, if its a home lab with no important data then yeah just non-raid it, also if the VM's are going to be held elsewhere like a NAS or SAN then its only the ESXi host its not so important as it can be re-installed in about 20 minutes... – CharlesH Jan 16 '15 at 14:51
  • There's only RAID 1+0 and RAID 0. No RAID 1. – funroom Jan 16 '15 at 14:52

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