I have two local Linux (Slackware) servers. One has ProFTPD V1.34c and the other ProFTPD 1.34a. They both have files greater than 2 GB on them. Using "get" they both (a to b and b to a) stop transferring when the file size reaches 2,147,483,647 bytes. My understanding is that version 1.34 should handle file sizes greater than 2 GB. Both machines are on the same local network with no firewalls between them and there is nothing that I can see in /etc/proftpd.conf on either machine that would be restrictive. As far as I know there is also no default restriction that I have to overcome. What am I missing?


In cases someone else stumbles across this looking for a solution to a similar problem, I never did find a solution, but a work-around is using Core FTP on a Windows PC. I found I could retrieve the large file from Linux server A to a Windows PC using Core FTP and then push it to Linux server B. It would have been nice to find an actual solution to go directly from A to B but at least I was able to move the file.

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