I am trying to set up MRTG against a Citrix NetScaler 10.1 appliance, but I am not getting a response to SNMP requests.

I have added the MRTG machine as a SNMP manager and added a community.

It does not seem like there is very good documentation of how to set up SNMP with NetScaler, so I am at a loss.

The NetScaler has 3 interfaces, two on the inside, both in the same network, and one on the outside.

The management server is on a different VLAN, with a router between it and the NetScaler.

What steps must I take to get SNMP working with netscaler?

Updates: snmpwalk reports a timeout on all 3 IPs of the VPX. using show snmp stats in the terminal, "unknown community" increases when I run snmpwalk against the management IP of the VPX.

The community isn't unknown, though.. I have added it to the communities in the VPX's configuration.


After a lot of back and forth, it turns out that you must create the community with permission "ALL". A bit questionable with regards to security, however.

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