I'm trying to install Request Tracker and configure it to use an external SMTP server to sent mail notifications. I've already put postfix to send emails using this tutorial, but it keeps sending then as apache@mail.com or root@mail.com and not through the mail account reserve to this. I want to change it to use something like noreply@mycompany.com because a rule will be set on the server to block this kind of emails. Does anyone has any tip for this?


You can use postfix sender address rewrite feature. I answered a similar question here

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  • It works partially. Looking to the mail header the sender is correct, but the destination continue wrong... the email has been sent sometimes to root@correio.company.com and sometimes to leandro@correio.company.com... It never gets the destination from the RT – Leandro Jan 21 '15 at 23:28

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