How can I get an overview of the disk usage on a Synology hard drives like this: Disk Usage Analyzer

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Synology has an App on it's DSM store called Storage Analyzer, which provides a very friendly user interface to view usage by folder, user, file types, duplicates, etc... It also keeps a history by analyzing periodically...

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    The Storage Analyzer did not exist when the question was created but solves it now in a perfect way.
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NCDU is the closest I can find. Works really well though. Simple to use as you only have to copy the file to the diskstation, then terminal in and run. Some more instructions:


  • Can be installed via "/opt/bin/ipkg install ncdu" - if you have ipkg set up...
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Mount the Synology volume from a Linux workstation running Gnome, and run Disk Usage Analyzer on it.

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ncdu is now available as a community package, you can install via package manager

See details on https://synocommunity.com


Because the IPKG stuff does not work for me on a DS218+, because the ipgk installes a wrong version of ncurses (needed by ncdu), the most easy way for me is using "docker".

For example: https://hub.docker.com/r/bernadinm/ncdu (there are many more)

  • install the container
  • docker run -it -v /:/mount bernadinm/ncdu /mount

and you have full functional "ncdu" without any problems and you don´t have to install any package installers or mess with your system.

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