I am trying to play around with CoreOS, and I just went to their ISO download site and downloaded the latest stable ISO. I then created a new VM instance with that ISO, and it looks like the instance is up and running beautifully.

I would now like to SSH into this machine, but it just dawned on me that I don't have a username/password. Any ideas as to what the default/root passwords would be? I checked the CoreOS site and can't seem to find any.

Nitty gritty details: I actually uploaded the ISO to a local OpenStack cluster, which took care of creating the image for me, but I don't think that matters.

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    There is no default password, you need to provide ssh keys. Jan 22, 2015 at 19:48
  • Another question, rather than using the ISO why didn't you upload the OpenStack OEM to glance? Jan 23, 2015 at 16:55

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I don't have the rep to comment, but Micheal Hampton is correct, CoreOS has a root user and a core user, neither of which have passwords.

If you have the Openstack CLI set up, you can issue nova keypair-list to see your keys and nova keypair-add --pub-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub <keyname> to add a new one. You should then be able to SSH in as the core user, with that key. (Though you may have to cycle the VM - not sure.) Note that this is passed through the openstack metadata service.

As Brian Redbeard points out, you can also put ssh-keys in the cloud-config yaml file. That can be passed through either the metadata service or the cloud drive as the user-data flag.


The correct thing to do in this case is to specify the use of an ssh-key through a cloud-config file. This can be done via a command line boot argument or with a config drive.

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