I have a Postgres server with a user dev which requires a client certificate to log in. I'm using the command psql "sslmode=require user=dev host=db.prod", which gives me psql: FATAL: connection requires a valid client certificate.

I know where the certificate is on my server. My question is, how do I specify the client certificate location to psql?


The end result looks like $>psql "port=5431 host=localhost user=postgres sslcert=./test/client.crt sslkey=./test/client.key sslrootcert=./test/server.crt sslmode=verify-ca"

All the variables are here.

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  • if I place root crt in ~/.postgreqsl/ I don't have to provide any key. If I place it somewhere else and provide sslrootcert, suddenly I have to also provide key - do you know how does that work? – Radu Simionescu Sep 11 '18 at 16:58

As stated in the documentation linked by @Milen, you can do this by setting the PGSSLCERT and PGSSLKEY environment variables, or by adding sslcert=<cert location> sslkey=<key location> to the connection string.

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    I'll note here that PGSSLCERT and PGSSLKEY also allow paths to be specified, so don't cat the certificate or key itself into those variables. – SeldomNeedy Jun 3 '16 at 21:21

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