I'm working on a new Solr install of 4.10.2. Someone else set up a working version, but he has no idea how he did it. I need to be sure I know how to reproduce it so I'm faced with a state where I have an existing, operating core in the existing solr.home. I need to build out a fresh install, insert this core directory and have it be operational. Here's what I have based on his existing work:

  1. A default install of Solr 4.10.2 installed in /opt/solr. This is basically just the example/ directory extracted from the downloaded tarball.
  2. An upstart script whose relevant bits look like this:

    chdir /opt/solr
    exec java -Djetty.port=8984 -Dsolr.solr.home=solr -jar start.jar
  3. The working (i.e. fully populated) core directory in place at /opt/solr/solr/my-core. The default collection1 directory also exists here.

The solr.xml file, also in /opt/solr/solr is also from his working instance and looks like this:


    <str name="host">${host:}</str>
    <int name="hostPort">${jetty.port:8984}</int>
    <str name="hostContext">${hostContext:solr}</str>
    <int name="zkClientTimeout">${zkClientTimeout:30000}</int>
    <bool name="genericCoreNodeNames">${genericCoreNodeNames:true}</bool>

  <shardHandlerFactory name="shardHandlerFactory"
    <int name="socketTimeout">${socketTimeout:0}</int>
    <int name="connTimeout">${connTimeout:0}</int>


When I hit the Solr Admin URL on port 8984, the Core Selector dropdown includes collection1, but not my-core. Simiarly, the Core Admin section only lists collection1.

What am I missing here that's preventing my core (my-core) from being recognized?

Just digging into Solr 4 and would like to use the new syntax so I'm ready for future versions.


Reading through /var/log/upstart/solr.log after starting the service, I don't see any errors. In fact, the core seems to be detected just fine. It just doesn't show up in the UI.

3688 [coreLoadExecutor-5-thread-1] INFO  org.apache.solr.schema.IndexSchema  ? Reading Solr Schema from /opt/solr-4.10.2/solr/my-core/conf/schema.xml
3857 [coreLoadExecutor-5-thread-1] INFO  org.apache.solr.schema.IndexSchema  ? [My Core] Schema name=drupal-4.2-solr-4.x
  • I have similar problem - did you find a solution? – Anentropic Nov 8 '15 at 15:13

I had a similar problem, in which one collection I created showed up in the Core Selector dropdown but one I created just before that was missing. But I noticed a shard showed up for the absent one in the Cloud-->Graph display. I clicked on the IP address for that shard. When I then went back to the Core Selector dropdown I saw that that collection was now being displayed.

Worth a try...

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