In Azure, is there any way to set up an HTTPS endpoint directly on the public VIP, as opposed to joining each VM to a load balanced set, so that I can associate this endpoint with the SSL certificate and forward decrypted traffic to the VM's?

I know AWS allows you to install a certificate directly on the elastic load balancer and configure SSL termination, but I haven't found any guide for this in Azure.


Azure Application Gateway is available as of June 25, 2015.

Azure Application Gateway helps you build highly scalable and highly available applications by providing application-level (HTTP/HTTPS) load balancing and delivery control. It also offers SSL offload capabilities and allows the design of custom experiences based on cookie affinity.

For more information, please visit the Application Gateway page.


No, it is not possible to terminate SSL at the Azure endpoint directly, unfortunately. Your options are either to terminate at the VM, or use a different load balancer such as Kemp VLM.

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