The aim is to execute a command on multiple systems at once using MCollective, e.g., touch /tmp/helloworld using MCollective-client creates touch /tmp/helloworld on all MCollective-servers: systems 1, 2 and 3.


According this documentation, mcollective-shell-agent could be used to accomplish the aim. However, executing:

mco rpc shell start ls -I /system/

results in:

Could not parse --arg ls


mco rpc shell --help

displays a general help menu instead of a specific menu regarding which arguments should be used.


  1. Why does it not work to run the mco rpc shell command?
  2. The assumption was that the mcollective-shell-agent should be used to accomplish the aim or is this incorrect? If true which package should be installed?
  • ^rpc^ (enter). – yoonix Feb 4 '15 at 0:10

A ticket was created and answered at PuppetLabs:

mco rpc shell start command=ls -I /system/ should be issued instead of mco rpc shell start ls -I /system/

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