I'm deploying Windows 8.1 via network boot using MDT on an external hard drive connected to computer to create a Windows To Go drive.

But the step in my task sequence "Install Operating System" takes a lot of time (+ 45 min).

I tried to do the same deployment on the internal drive and the same step takes only 5 min.

I tried to add USB 3 drivers in LiteTouchPE because the external hard drive is USB 3. But it is still very slow, I don't know if the drivers where correctly installed.

Or is it something else ?

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I would recommend that you look over Deploy Windows To Go in Your Organization and Create Windows-To-Go drives in a simple Factory mode. Pushing an image to a USB drive with MDT does not make a Windows To Go workspace, you need to use the Windows To Go Creator Wizard or use PowerShell.


I tested with a usb3 thumb drive with a SSD controller and it is faster than on the external hard drive it seams it is a material limitation.

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